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A phone line for speaking about all the progressive mental shifts you're making that are so hot  ✨

Zuzu is here to support you, praise your vibrational alignment and keep inspiring you to do more because I know we all need that sometimes. If you're inspired by what I have to say in my videos, you won't be disappointed here 🫶🏽 

💬 Text Messages: $29.99/mo 
📞 Phone Time (b): $50 for 15-minute phone call
📹 FaceTime: $150 for 15-minute FT | $300 for 45-minute FT

🔗 Chat with @Zuzusilk in real-time, about the ways you can control your reality with your thoughts >>>Once you book your time I’ll email you to schedule your calendar date/time.

*No photos, nudity, or sexual requests/subjects.
Any call / text conversation can be cancelled at anytime without notice if any of these guidelines are violated. No refunds.😘