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Amitabha Gardens Lungevity - Herbs Blend [Pre-order]

Amitabha Gardens Lungevity - Herbs Blend [Pre-order]

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The once a day lung supplement for the daily cannabis smoker! 

Lungevity is an ancient shaolin monk herbal formulation that has been used at DFFRNTWRLD® Temple for hundreds of years.

It supports respiratory power, endurance and oxygen assimilation. A potent herbal blend that specifically moistens and supports the tissues and functions of the Lungs.

*Pre-order: Please allow us 5-7 days to prepare and ship your order.


- dissolves phlegm from daily smoking 
- clears lung toxins from 
- expand lung capacity
- eliminates altitude sickness
- improve cardio endurance

- supports free breathing
- encourages healthy lung function
- deepens meditations
- pullulan plant-based caps (Made from naturally fermented tapioca, via cassava root)


- 100 Capsules, 500mg each


Zhejiang Fritillary bulb

Apricot seed

White Mulberry root bark

Platycodon root

Poria sclerotium

Bamboo shavings

Red Jujube Dates

Fresh Ginger rhizome

Aged Tangerine rind

Scutellaria root

Gardenia fruit

Dang Gui root

Chinese Licorice root

Ophiopogon tuber

Chinese Asparagus root

Schizandra fruit

Other Ingredients:

Plant-based capsules, Rice powder, Bamboo extract powder, Rice extract blend.

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