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Amitabha Gardens - Flower Jars

Amitabha Gardens - Flower Jars

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Grown on the principles established by Shaolin Tamo Buddhist Monk, the founder of Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Temple! This approach nourishes all three treasures, balances both Yin & Yang, enhances wisdom, and promotes inner peace. Our garden plants enjoy a relaxing environment, filtered water, and the finest 100% organic nutrients.

So what does this do for the plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers? Well, we like to believe it raises their vibration, and in doing so, yours too. Amitabha

The bud of immeasurable light and life.

Amitabha Garden monks partner with vetted organic growers and provide blessed packaging vessels for fresh harvests. Our boutique garden selection is small-batch harvested, slowly dried and cured, then hand-trimmed. This full process helps to preserve the full spectrum of benefits found within the flower; creating premium industrial hemp with a wonderfully tasting, great smelling, and smooth experience for you.

Certified Lab Tested & Approved 

Industrial hemp is always third-party tested by an accredited laboratory. The lab we use specializes in detecting pesticides used in agricultural crops. The Garden Guide provides access to a Certificate of Analysis that lists decarboxylated values of cannabinoids, percentages, moisture content, pesticide, mold analysis, and more. Additional reports are available upon request.

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